Straighten your teeth with transparent braces thanks to Invisalign

Clear braces / aligners / Invisalign

We are proud to announce that we now also offer invisible braces. For this we work together with Invisalign. Invisalign has been around for decades and is the pioneer in the field of invisible braces, also called aligners. In fact, they have the transparent brackets (aligners) invented and expanded. There are now many other providers of transparent braces who are following Invisalign's footsteps. However, we prefer to work with Invisalign. Simply because they have already treated tens of millions of patients worldwide and therefore have a lot of data at their disposal. This data is important because it allows them to achieve by far the best and most predictable results. We find predictability and quality important in our practice.

Because we purchase these transparent brackets within a group, you also benefit from high discounts that we pass on to you on a one-to-one basis. So you get the best possible treatment (say, the Bentley), but pay an average price (say, the Opel).

We work together with Harby Andres Mendez for this. He works as a dentist for orthodontics within our practice.

Invisalign doorzichtige beugel

Interested? Or just curious?

We can then make an appointment with you where we scan your teeth with an intra-oral 3D scanner (not X-ray). You can then view a simulation of what is possible with your teeth. This process is nicely shown in the video below.

Did you know that Invisalign can be used for almost all orthodontic treatments? In both children and adults.

For children, this is usually reimbursed just as well as traditional braces within a supplementary insurance policy.

Your child only has to wear the transparent braces and no more metal blocks and wires in the mouth!

Invisalign voor en na foto's

Why is Invisalign so good?

Invisalign transparent braces work according to a computer simulation from a database of tens of millions of treatments. As a result, the algorithm is increasingly optimized and the outcome is very predictable. New transparent brackets are made every month on this simulation. Your teeth are then forced into the correct position from the simulation. This is done very slowly and is therefore less painful than with regular braces. You also have no metals in your mouth and no sharp parts. Because of the simulation that you see in advance, you know before the treatment begins what your mouth will look like after the treatment. Of course, only if you wear the transparent braces faithfully.
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Invisalign beugel Etten-Leur
Invisalign beugels met opslagdoosje

How does your treatment work?

It may be that you have developed less attractive fillings or worn teeth over the years. After the treatment, our dentists can also repair this for you with white filling material (composite) or porcelain.

We have also noticed that everyone is so happy with the results after treatment that they would also like to have their teeth a little whiter. That is why we offer you to have whitening molds made for you after the Invisalign treatment (this is not possible with the transparent braces) for only 250 euros (instead of the usual 350 euros). This includes two-week bleach and molds that will last you years to keep up. Ask your practitioner for more information!

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