False teeth

False teeth

Of course everyone would prefer to keep their own teeth, but this is not always possible. Dentures can be the ideal solution when someone has already had his or her teeth pulled. Dentures look so real that they are indistinguishable from normal teeth.

Moreover, with a dental prosthesis such as dentures, you once again have complete teeth, all teeth of which can have a beautiful white color. In the Netherlands there are almost three million people who wear full dentures.

Denture reimbursement

The basic insurance does not reimburse the costs for having teeth extracted. However, the costs of dentures are reimbursed for 75% once every five years. If they need to be refitted or if a repair to the dentures needs to be made, these costs will be reimbursed for 100%. Various health insurers fully reimburse dentures, while other insurance policies do not offer any additional coverage. Take this into account when you need dentures.

For more information about the reimbursement of your dentures, it is best to contact your health insurer.


If your teeth need to be replaced and this is not possible with a crown or bridge with or without an implant, you may be eligible for a denture. The difference with implants is that a prosthesis can be removed from the mouth, while this is not possible with a bridge or crowns on an implant.

You can have dentures made with us. We would be happy to make an appointment with you so that one of our specialized dentists can see what they can do for you.

What are the costs of dentures?

The price of a denture in our practice cannot be easily stated. This depends on the size and type of prosthesis. If a denture consists of only a number of teeth, it will be less expensive than if the entire set of teeth has to be replaced. If you opt for a frame prosthesis, it will be more expensive than a place prosthesis. The costs can therefore vary.

Your insurance also plays a role, of course. Some insurance policies have different rules regarding dentures than others. It is therefore best to contact your insurance company if you have any questions about this.

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